Sunday, October 20, 2013

Obama Summons 'Best And Brightest' To Fix ObamaCare Website?

The Obama Regime is now claiming that it will be bringing in "the best and brightest" tech professionals to fix the trainwreck that is the website.

Missing from the 600-word posting from Health and Human Services were details on exactly who HHS had actually called in, or when the American people would certainly see specific outcomes on Healthcare. gov.

An HHS official called the move a "technician 'surge.'"

HHS additionally states it's also installing protocols to catch parts of the website that are proving the most problematic for consumers.

And it likewise claims - again, no details provided - that it has actually seen some lessening in wait times and consumer access to the website, the on-line portal to health and wellness insurance policy exchanges or industries the federal government is operating in 36 states

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1 comment:

  1. Obama supposedly used a company called CGI to build this website and paid some huge money for the contract.
    Now we have the same administration and the head clown on tv this morning swearing that over 20 million people have been on the website --- Yeah, sure, we really believe this story just like we believe all of the other stuff that comes from this gaggle of geese, what a bunch of lying losers......
    When is Congress, specifically the HOUSE, going to investigate who was contracted to build this ACA Website and why didn't the House fund it? The House of Reps are in charge of all Federal Government Spending. So does the House know who CGI is? Did the House actually fund the implementation of this website. Who wrote the specifications for the website? Did the contract to build this website come out in the Federal Register for competitive bidding?
    Is this the United States of America or have we somehow morphed into the Soviet Union without realizing the movement??
    Come on Congress get you heads out of your posterior and get involved in the running of this Nation before Obama and his thugs completely destroy America!!


Posted By: Chris Carmouche