Thursday, October 17, 2013

Homosexuality To Become Death Penalty Offense In Britain?

It's no joke. With radical Islam gaining influence in the Western World, such a scenario may not be far down the road and is already being advanced in countries throughout Europe...

(Western Journalism) While radical Islam has had an unquestionable effect on the American way of life, our neighbors in Europe are seeing their way of life be usurped by extremists in the faith.

Muslim leaders in Western nations — including England — openly express largely the same views as those in Islamic territories. This trend was illustrated during a recent radio interview with Abdul Qadeer Baksh.

The Islamic official from Luton, England told the host that his idea of an “ideal society” would be one in which homosexuals are murdered. Apparently aware his candor would ruffle more than a few feathers, he backtracked to assert he is not advocating such policies in Britain.

"When I say ‘ideal society,’ I mean Islamic society, not a Western secular society like we live in here."

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