Tuesday, October 8, 2013

America's Enemies Still Getting 'Foreign Aid' During Obama Shutdown

Americans are prohibited from visiting parks and monuments due to the phantom shutdown but apparently money that is slated for our enemies abroad is still being paid. We obviously need to shutdown more than 83 percent of the government...

(Conservative Action Alert) Despite all of the clamor coming from politicians about the end-of-the-world scenario called the “government shutdown” — the State Department confirmed that there’s enough money lying around for foreign aid to continue as usual.

Just before the shutdown last week, State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki said, "we’re able to sustain our [USAID] operations on a limited basis, the vast majority of normal functions and operations will continue."

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  1. Why were you not screaming about "America's enemies getting foreign aid" under the Bush administration

  2. I normally do not comment as any sane and ethical person does not need to be enlightened if they can think at all but i will say that this administration of Obuma's and the LEMMINGS that follow his lead are the SORRIEST EXAMPLES OF HUMANS THAT HAVE NO ETHICS OR FEELINGS THAT I HAVE SEEN IN ANY LEADERSHIP I HAVE KNOWN OF IN THE LAST SIXTY YEARS. THEY ARE A BLACK MARK OF THE WORST KIND IN THE HISTORY OF OUR COUNTRY. IT CAN NOT BE RIGHTED SOON ENOUGH! I AM SURE IT WILL BE IN A FEW SHORT YEARS AS PEOPLE IN AMERICA HAVE WOKE UP AND EVERY DAY MORE ARE DOING THE SAME! I have never been as ashamed of our leadership in the Sixty plus years that i have lived here and hope to never see it again from the end of this administration forward. It is a hard lesson to learn but it was needed in many ways as we in this country have not been near as vigilant as in years past as to those who would harm us in any way they possibly can. Maybe it will open enough eyes to the truth that it will never happen again. For the sake of our children and those to come in the following years i truly hope so and pray history shows it as a time of Awakening in America. Some people will deny it but most of us that know the history of the United States know that there is a segment in America that are Communists (ergo..Progressives) Marxists, and Radicals to no end that need to be held accountable for the dummying down of the American School children that are indoctrinated from Kindergarten ages through High School and into our College's where many Radical Instructors have infiltrated our Scholastic System at the higher levels to the detriment of America. It is a tearing down of our Country from the Top to Bottom and we all pay the price in one way or another for letting this happen. The whole system needs to be cleaned out and start over with proven systems that we know worked well for a 20th Century and will again when we have leadership that wakes up and does what has to be done. No more of this Political Correctness "BS" that has let much of this come about! The home schooled children are one of our top hopes for America as the schooling they get puts them in the top of most testing that is done on the school population every so often. Survey's and test reports show this to be true. They do not get the Radical Indoctrination that our public school children get it appears. The home school educators; that is Moms, Dads and family members that take the time and truly care to see their kids raised with Ethics and Manners that will allow them act as adults as they mature and meet the real world without going through the Dope smoking, Acid Craze, Stealing and Gang Throes that so many in public schools do shows that the Home School System works well overall. I know, I know. there are some who will not do so well as in any system but the success is much larger per capita than in the Public arena. .

    Period that they seem not to do is a big plus for Society and Family

  3. I had the same message during Bush. STOP ALL FOREIGN AID NOW!

  4. If we the Citizens of the United States of America are being shut out,shut down or discarded our Congress must not be paid either. We should never put other countries ahead of our own and we as a nation must stop this crap our supposed leader is doing. We the elderly, must get our social security on time as it is our only means of support. What is wrong with our liver bellied leaders that allow this to happen. Senator Boehner You showed a side of you that I admire so much yesterday when you stated this "Is Not a Damn Game". Please please push for our freedom from the Traitor who occupies the White House.

  5. Once Again NO Hope And NO Change (For The Better) So Lets Move Forward,Oh What Was I Thinking Obama Is President!


Posted By: Chris Carmouche