Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Americans Watch Illegal Alien Protesters From Behind Barricades

Even though the Obama Regime opened to National Mall to thousands of illegal alien protesters, Americans were still forced to watch the protesters for behind barricades. Hundreds were arrested and the police were even forced to pick up the garbage left by these filthy protesters.


(Breitbart) NBC's Washington, D.C. affiliate reports 200 were arrested on scene while a couple hundred activists cheered the demonstrators on from the sidewalks on both sides of First Street between Maryland Avenue Southwest and Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest.

Officers broke out barricades to keep activists on the sidewalk, as AFL-CIO and other union organizers wearing orange vests with their organizations’ namesakes emblazoned on the back organized the crowd.

Around 4:45 PM ET, the U.S. Capitol Hill Police “Command Center” emailed congressional staffers who are not on furlough, warning them against visiting the area for their own safety from the amnesty activists.

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