Tuesday, September 10, 2013

[Video] Stephanopoulos: Is Impeachment Affecting Obama On Syria?

The liberal media is talking impeachment... too bad Republicans won't dare bring up the subject.

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  1. Obama should never have been Permitted to Run in the First place and now he has done so much damage to the Future of our nation with his crazy spending I am old enough that I won't have to repay it,, but I have some grand children who are very entusiastic about there Future,,I would have liked it if we could leave them a better country and We have to get rid of the comunists in Government

  2. First, Ed, you are a racist bigot.

    Second Obama has nothing to fear about impeachment. He has done nothing to be impeached for.

    If the idiots in the house try, it will insure that the democrats will retake the house in 2014.

    The attempted impeachment of Clinton was a mistake, this would be a disaster.

    1. Done nothing to be impeached for??? You IDIOT, he has done many, not only impeachable offences, but treasonous offences. All this by an illegal pos c*mmie m*slim crap head. He hasn't even proved he's an American citizen, He is definitely NOT a natural born citizen. Call me a bigot if you want, I just want a legal president, who will not try to destroy the US.

  3. Obama has revealed the stupidity running rampant throughout America. Our Universities teach his ugly ideology. Public schools begin the indoctrination. Lies abound. We have more enemies within than outside. Obama raised the ugly head of racism and envy of others. He broke commandments like thou shall not lie or covet. He is very effectively destroying America.

  4. I whole heartedly believe that Basheer Asaad should raise uestion about BHO's U.S. Citizenship status...


Posted By: Chris Carmouche