Sunday, September 22, 2013

[Video] Parent Arrested For Speaking Out Against Common Core

Shocking and appalling... a concerned parent was arrested Thursday night at a public forum for trying to ask a question about Common Core standards school curriculum. As other parents shouted, "Let him ask his question," security assaulted, manhandled and ejected the parent and according to The Baltimore Sun the concerned parent was arrested for assaulting a police officer... the video tells a different story.

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  1. Common Core Curriculum is just another way of of saying the government Dept of Education standards are a failure so let's try something else. I was appalled to see my 12 year old granddaughter still writing in grade school printing of aecond grader instead of longhand (cursive) writing like I learned in the fourth grade. How are kids ever going to learn how to communicate with their own God given talent versus a keyboard. Even Obama needs a teleprompter because he doesn't know how to squawk otherwise because he probably can't write neither.

  2. the man was asking legitimate questions in an open forum, when the Security guard merely touched him in violation of the law the entire audience should have stomped his ass into a bloody pulp over his assaultive behavior... I foresse it happening soon to this type of cretin thug, black panther wanabe...

  3. About fifteen years ago, Charles Sykes wrote a book entitled _Dumbing Down Our Kids_, in which he predicted the current watering down of standards in the so-called Core Curriculum. The violation of freedom of speech presented by the security guard to the parent fulfills the prediction of Sinclair Lewis in _It Could Happen Here." "It" is the totalitarian, dictator state toward which this country is moving as exemplified by the usurpation of this one parent's freedom of speech. The scene depicted in the video should have been impossible in America. In today's totalitarian America "Big Brother" is dictating the mind-numbing "core curriculum."

  4. The whole room of citizens should of gotten out of their chairs put that so called security donkey on the floor and sat up on him till he calmed down. The security guard was so far out of line in his actions his badge as a cop should be taken from this bully. This donkey needs to remember this is the U.S.A. , he serves us ,we pay him and this is not Germany in 1929 threw 1945. To bad the man that was trying to make a point was not a six foot 10 inch 400 pound man that did not take crap from a dolt.

  5. As long as Obama is in the White House we will see more and more of our freedoms taken away! Our medical care is now being monitored by the Feds with no choice about whether one wants it or not (unless of course you are Muslim, they are exempt). The dumbing down of our kids will keep them in their place so that they won't know how to stop a tyrannical government. What did you expect from a President who was not reared in this country? His values are certainly different that those of us who grew up and in the US!


Posted By: Chris Carmouche