Sunday, September 15, 2013

[Video] Is The Government Paying Your Doctor A Bounty To Confiscate Your Guns?

Why is the government requiring your primary care physician to ask about your guns and is the government really paying your doctor a bounty to confiscate your weapons?

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  1. I will hand it over barrel first......

  2. This is flat out wrong at so many levels. First; whom ever the servants are of our govenment that are behind the program of paying doctors need to be jailed. Second; the doctors that are accepting the $3000.00 bounty money need to loose their license. Third; this action is totally in violation of one or more of our rights in our Bill of Natural(GOD)Given Rights. For sure this action is in conflict with our second amendment.As for the targeting of the military service personal seems to be an act of tyranny by a statist nanny tyranical style of governmental servants.

  3. When asked about firearms in the home the appropriate response is "None of Your stinking buisiness." Ask me again and we will have major problems!


Posted By: Chris Carmouche