Monday, September 9, 2013

[Video] Illegal Aliens Disrupt Town Hall Meeting And Demand Citizenship

What more needs to be said, watch the horrible spectacle for yourself...

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  1. You are all criminals you came here illegally. We don't owe you anything for breaking our laws!!!!!!

  2. These people admit that they don't have documents,but think that they have rights. If you came to this country legally then maybe you would have your path to citizenship. But demanding citizen is not a right. You don't speak the language 100% of the time. the Official language of the Untied States is English, not Spanish, not Vietnamese, not German or any other foreign language. The immigrants that came from Europe learned the language and took the time to come to this country legally and became citizens the right way, legally. They did not demand citizenship, they worked for it by learning the history of this country and learned about the Constitution. I believe that when you folks decide to enter this country legally and learn about this country and the Constitution and the laws that you broke to get here, then you may become citizens. It takes an effort on your parts to learn the laws of this country. Until you do that, you are still here illegally, are criminals and should not be demanding something that you are not entitled to as criminals.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche