Thursday, August 29, 2013

[Video] Obama Impeachment May Soon Become A Reality

Here's author Aaron Klein discussing Obama's impeachable offenses and why the topic, once considered the stuff of conspiracy theories, may be gaining momentum in Washington.

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  1. Obama took an oath(which means very little to him) but he could not become President without it. In those words, he promises to the best of his ability to, PRESERVE,PROTECT,AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES.He hasn't done any of this! In fact, it's been quite the opposite!

    1. Lydia777 - I just saw a video that spoke about the Muslim religion and since we all know by now that Obama is a Muslim the following is very interesting. They said that every Muslim will lie if they have to in order for you to believe them. Their goal is to get the Sharia Law in every court in the world and they will not stop until this is done. Before 2008, no one who voted for him would believe he was a Muslim and if they did believe they didn't see anything wrong with this. Hello! Why would you want an enemy running the White House. Now, there are five more Muslim Brotherhoods in there and not one person sees anything wrong with this. His goal is to have more Muslims in the United States so when it becomes the time to vote the US will have more Muslims voting then us and so our votes will not count. This is why he is legalizing the Illegals. Also, with Syria, they are saying that it is possible that al-Qaeda might have fired the chemical weapons and is hoping that the US does strike in order for them to win the war. With being a Muslim this is very possible that he will do this. I truly hope the impeachment is not too far away so we can save our Country. And, I hope if they do impeach him that he has to show his records and birth certificate. So, he made office from the help of fraud and made a second term for the same reason and he is either paying off the big guys with money and the average john doe is probably had his family threatened which is why so many are not going against his wishes. He knows most of us knows he hasn't followed through with what he promised but he had too act like he was going to do what he said he would do so people would vote for him. Apparently, most who voted for him either doesn't know much about that religion or don't care because they are getting everything for free. Just saying!!

  2. Obama is a FRAUD and a lying Muslim. He has broken the law numerous times. He really should be JAILED if not impeached.

  3. "world renounced"

    Say WHAT?

    Step away from the spell-checker!

  4. I think he has done all he can to destroy this country!!! It is time to put a stop to this!!!

  5. The time to put a stop to it was before the '08 election. He is NOT & never was qualified to be potus. Regardless of where he was born, he is NOT natural born, his father was not a US citizen, therefor he is not legal.

  6. Who voted for this guy in the first place? I had never heard of him. How did he get millions of votes? He was just a civil lawyer and a community organizer. Why would anyone want him to run our country? I have never trusted him. He's practically destroyed all the institutions that made America Great.

  7. Gerald Ford only said one intelligent thing in his life. He said that an impeachable offense is anything Congress says it is. Also, the founders did not consider misdemeanors as a legal term. They meant misbehavior.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche