Thursday, August 22, 2013

[Video] Obama Bankrolled The Benghazi Consulate Attack?

That the contention from our friends at the Western Center for Journalism. Watch as they connect the dots and let us know if you agree with them...

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  1. The big two letter word was used..."if" all this proves to be true.

  2. Impeach this traitor and try him for treason.

  3. Why don't they reveal the information on obama?

  4. obama's theft of the White House was bankrolled BY the muzzbrohoods to do exactly what happened - depose all secular leaders who were friendly to the West so that they could eventually destroy Israel, massacre all Christians and install the medieval barbarians throughout the middle east. All was going as planned until the Egyptian people woke up...
    There is no doubt that obama and his owner/operators financed and helped plan these bloody takeovers, and therefore are complicit in ALL the death and this day, the muslim-in-chief has not dis-associated himself from the 'hoods, nor has he criticized his brother for ACTIVELY supporting those animals...instead he rails against those who are fighting for freedom from the savages.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche