Tuesday, August 13, 2013

[Video] Another GOP Congressman Dismisses Voter Over Obama ID Fraud

Yes, yet another Republican Congressman dismisses a voter's question in regards to Obama ID Fraud at a recent town hall meeting...

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  1. then his answer to impeachment is "oh we send it to the senate, and nothing will happen" then why do anything.....
    my answer to him is your no good to me, I need to replace you with someone that will do some good....your just as corrupt as this president is....your gone...

  2. No more funds to the politicians that won't stand up for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
    Vote them out or impeach if they agreed with Obama.

  3. The GOP signed an agreement to not challenge voter fraud with the democrats. It's a contract and the GOP won't break it.

    You want to see change? Get rid of them all.

    Won't happen.

    Now we have children praying to Obama.

    It's over. We are beyond the point of no return.

    Perhaps it just isn't bad enough yet.

    1. I'm afraid you just may be right.
      When some folks I know, and some I count as friends, seemingly can't see what is unfolding before their eyes, I'm concerned. They show some concern, but don't appear to be deeply troubled by it all. Some of them think that I am blowing it all out of proportion.
      I am now checking on moving out of the country, and liquidating all my property in order to do so.

  4. Democrats and Obama's Republican Rear Guard does exist. The Damage is to The REPUBLIC. And Who Is a defender of the Republic? Who? Certainty not Speaker John O'Boehner, who will sneak through passage of "Amnesty" and refuse, in real terms, to De Fund Health Care Hell. Both are attacks on this Republic.

  5. How ironic to have a fraud president who cannot pass an e verify inquiry and probably doesn't know who his biological father is.
    The country can survive an OBama but probably not the intellect of those who voted for him and those like the ignorant Representative who was asked the question.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche