Monday, August 12, 2013

Ted Cruz Surging In Iowa

Biased polls say one thing but the enthusiastic crowds say another and even Byron York is conceding that Ted Cruz is probably the GOP favorite... at least in Iowa.

(Washington Examiner) There are no polls showing Ted Cruz leading the 2016 Republican presidential field in the Iowa. ... But after a particularly well-received appearance at a conservative event in Ames, Iowa over the weekend, there seems little doubt that Cruz, who has been in the U.S. Senate all of eight months, is zooming toward the front of the GOP pack in the nation’s first-voting state.

The gathering, sponsored by the social conservative organization Family Leader, featured appearances by Rick Santorum, winner of the 2012 Republican caucuses, and Cruz, along with billionaire gadfly Donald Trump. From all accounts, Santorum was a popular speaker; the social conservative crowd appreciated not only his positions but the enormous effort he has made to get to know the state of Iowa and its conservative residents.

But Santorum’s welcome could not compare to the wildly enthusiastic reception for Cruz. Joined by his pastor father, Rafael Cruz — he was a big hit, too...

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  1. Senator Ted Cruz is a Real Defender of This Republic. He is sure to be on Senator McCain's, Speaker John O'Boehner and Carol Rove's Hit list.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche