Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Soldier Booted From Unit By Lesbian Commanding Officer

A 19-year U.S. Air Force veteran is speaking out after he was allegedly punished by a lesbian commander for his personal views on so-called "same-sex marriage."


(One News Now) Senior Master Sgt. Phillip Monk says he returned from a deployment to discover his new training squadron commander, Major Elisa Valenzuela, is a lesbian.

The senior master sergeant says he and the major disagreed over the issue of same-same marriage, when Monk was told to punish a staff sergeant who had shared his own religious views in a classroom setting with trainees.

Major Valenzuela wanted the staff sergeant to be severely punished for expressing religious objections to homosexuality, and in the course of that discussion Monk admitted to his commander that he also has a moral objection to same-sex marriage.

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  1. another lesbo perv hating the us armed forces. shes probly mad cause she don't have a penis

  2. No doubt, John O'Boehner or Mitch McConnell will not be jumping here to Defend This Republic anytime ,,,at all. in the end, they will only have is their nashing teeth...

  3. Our commander-in-chief is a Muslim. Islam opposes homosexual practices. Yet Obama is advancing to high rank people who are practicing homosexuals. This is a danger to the nation by any measure. The only cure for what ails us is to get rid of Obama and replace him with a patriot, which his vice-president surely is not. And if something is not done soon, it will not be possible to preserve the nation.

  4. Allowing open homosexuality in the armed forces has emboldened these people. Obama has politicized and weakened our military. In his crusade to legitimize homosexuality he has steam-rolled our heritage and tradition. This president has done more damage to our country than any enemy could have done. Unfortunately most people won't know that until catastrophe occurs. Life goes on, until it doesn't.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche