Sunday, August 11, 2013

Obama Cronies Getting Lucrative Government Contracts

On that list is the University of Chicago. Also scooped up in a federal grant corruption probe is the daughter of Barack Obama's mentor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright...


(WND) A no-bid contract to assess a $48 million Kenyan youth program has been awarded to the University of Chicago, where President Barack Obama taught constitutional law for 12 years.

This discovery coincides with the federal embezzlement indictment of Quinshaunta R. Golden, former key aide to Eric E. Whitaker, the one-time U. of C. Medical Center executive vice president and former colleague of Michelle Obama.

Whitaker is "one of President Barack Obama’s closest friends," according to the Chicago Tribune. He is not a target of the federal investigation, and has pledged his full cooperation, according to the Tribune.

Jeri Wright, daughter of the radical Rev. Jeremiah Wright, also got scooped up in the federal grant-corruption probe, which altogether netted more than a dozen Chicago area government officials and lower-level bureaucrats. Obama for some 20 years followed Wright at the black-liberation theology United Christ Church of Christ in Chicago.

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