Thursday, June 27, 2013

Names Of The 14 GOP Amnesty Betrayers

Here are the 14 Republican betrayers in the Senate who voted, hours ago, in favor of Amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. Facebook the list, Tweet it... Share it... make sure everyone knows who voted for amnesty and remember their names.

Lamar Alexander
Kelly Ayotte
Jeffrey Chiesa
Susan Collins
Bob Corker
Jeff Flake
Lindsay Graham
Orrin Hatch
Dean Heller
John Hoeven
Mark Kirk
John McCain
Lisa Murkowski
Marco Rubio

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  1. These all need to be kicked out of the Republican party or primaried! They would sell the soul of America for just a pittance to gain something for themselves. Where are the people who want to SERVE this country.....not enrich themselves while selling out the country?!

    1. agreed. o more phonies! no more RINOS. Common sense, right and wrong,respect for the law, morality, GOD FORGIVE AMERICA, GOD HELP AMERICA. NO MORE JOHN BOEHNER AND NO MORE KARL ROVE.

    2. You're exactly right, anonymous. Wake up, people. Whoever voted these "flakes", "RINOs" in were fools. Voting has consequences, people. Study the people and pay close attention to all their actions, not just their political speeches. They are a disgrace. They don't give a rat's behind what damage they are causing to our country as long as they are "liked", befriended, go along, with the conniving good ol' boys in the District of Corruption and as long as they enrich their pocket books and the hell with their constituents who voted them in thinking they would uphold the real principles of the Republican Party, our constitution, our Bill of Rights and our Christian way of life. VOTE THEM OUT, PEOPLE!!

  2. One word TRAITORS!!!!!

  3. Mcain and Flake they are gone in Arizona

    1. Keep reminding yourselves and your friends. McCain and Flake are the worse of the bunch, but the others are close behind.

  4. They all drank the Kool Aid!!!

    Kind of had high hope for Marco Rubio, but for all his bravado and eloquence, he sure has stepped into the BS.

  5. no more $ contributions to the GOP. Fund the T.E.A.!, and affiliated PACs.

  6. they all are traitors remember & vote them out.they only care about themselves & there money & THEIR families not yours, Bottom line !!


Posted By: Chris Carmouche