Monday, May 27, 2013

Somebody Ought To Have The Guts To Start Talking Impeachment

(Robert Knight-One News Now) "Somebody ought to have the guts to start talking impeachment - and I guess that would be Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma," he tells OneNewsNow. "I think he's on to something.

"I think this is an impeachable offense," Knight continues, "and I think the House ought to seriously consider convening hearings regarding whether they should bring impeachment charges against the President of the United States."

The Washington Times columnist says even if the Senate does not convict the president, an impeachment trial would hurt Obama's ability to advance his far left-wing agenda, just as it did to Bill Clinton.

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  1. Impeachment? The House of Representatives and especially the Senate do NOT have the intestinal fortitude to impeach this "illegal alien," even though every person in the USA knows that he was born/raised in Kenya, then lived as a citizern of Indonesia, before he was snuck into America to reek havoc upon our established way-of-life. He is an enemy of the USA, a usurper of the Presidency, and deserves the firing squad or life at Gitmo Bay, Cuba, where the USMC will MAKE SURE that he never sets foot in AMERICA, again!


  3. Mom use to say, "Son, pick your battles!" Quick meaning, 'Don't start a battle you KNOW YOU'LL LOSE!' Wise Mom. In this case anyone who actually BELIEVES that the FIRST Black U.S. Presidident could be impeached is living on Pluto! I'm a 70 year old Looooong time conservative and have won many battle but mostly lost the ones that were anger or ego driven. Much better to defeat Obama by locally electing a NEW SENATE and HOUSE!

  4. You do not want to open that kettle of worms called "IMPEACHMENT" for four good reasons!

    1. It is too early to start thinking this way. I get the distinct feeling that this may get deep and this is just the beginning.

    2. There are 3 major scandals here. The IRS, AP, and Bengazi. There are a lot more questions to be asked and answered.

    3. These scandals could be BIG! It will probably take a year or more just to deal with the people and situations with the IRS! That's just one department.

    4. You have to deal with those in charge of working within those departments first! Evan though President Obama is the top guy who oversees them all, does not mean that he knows about everything that goes on those departments.

    The bottom line is this, before you start accusing Obama of anything or ascerting that all of this leads back to him, you have to follow would could a long winding "rabbit trail" first to see where it could lead. While impeachment could possibly be the outcome of all of this, we won't know for sure until all of these investigations conclude.

  5. This hysteria should have ended in 2008, with some notable officials stating the following: "We, The People have concluded our investigation(s), and find that B. H. Obama, also known as Barry Soetoro in Indonesia, has been found to lack ALL eligibility factors for the Presidency Of The United States Of America, and will he deported to Mombassa Kenya. We further note that, should he AGAIN illegally enter into our USA, he will be apprehended/placed in USMC Gitmo Bay Prison Facility for the remainder of his life.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche