Saturday, February 2, 2013

Michelle Obama Goes Into Another Berserker Rage

She allegedly ripped into Barack Obama and shouted; "Stay away from that woman" in reference to this well-known Hollywood star.

It comes as no shock that the National Enquirer would claim that Michelle Obama went into a rage over alleged inappropriate flirtations between Obama and Kerry Washington, of "Dhango Unchained" and the television show "Scandal."

What is perplexing is that mainstream media reporters have taken an interest in the story and appear to be going out of out their way to dispel the rumors.

The Enquirer reported: "Michelle Obama cast an ugly shadow over her husband's second inauguration when she flew into a jealous rage over a sexy Hollywood star. Sources in Washington D.C. revealed exclusively to the Enquirer that the first lady exploded at Barack Obama behind closed doors over 'Scandal' beauty Kerry Washington."

The Enquirer went on to quote an "inside source" as saying: "The public only saw her smiling and supporting him. But, believe me, it was one of their ugliest fights ever."

Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that Washington's character on the television series, Olivia Pope, is having an affair with the fictional character of the President of the United States portrayed on the show. Moreover, the Enquirer is not the only publication that has noticed that Michelle's new bangs look suspiciously similar to Washington's.

Of course, this latest accusation does not mark the first time that Michelle has been accused of going into a Berserker rage, nor is it the first time that the gossip tabloids have reported on the topic of extra-martial affairs plaguing the Obama household.

Last year, the tabloids were abuzz with stories that Michelle Obama was having an affair with a Secret Service agent and some had gone so far, in the past, to allege that Barack Obama has had homosexual liaisons.

Allegations of untoward flirtations between Obama and Washington have been made in the past, but the mainstream media moved quickly, back then, to put the rumors to rest.

Some months ago, reported "Actress Kerry Washington says a rumor that she’s been flirting with President Barack Obama makes no sense."

The Washington Examiner, while cautious, also leaned toward discrediting the rumors: "The anonymous source portrayed Michelle Obama as a jealous wife who warned her husband to stay away from actress Kerry Washington on a Hollywood fundraising trip., reminiscent of the constantly recurring rumors of the so-called Barack Obama – Vera Baker affair."

And even the Daily Mail UK, which is no stranger to printing scandalous accusations, reported: "The First Lady was said to have a 'watch list' of women that were to be kept away from her 50-year-old husband - but it's a story one White House official claims it totally false."

And yet, rumors persist. Why? Perhaps Washington, when denying the accusation that she was overly-flirtatious with Obama, said it best: "Wow, people are really into Scandal."

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  1. If true, this wouldn't be the first couple to have broken the commandment of adultery or wanted to; BUT don;t we have some wars to end, some financial woes to solve and then there;s that Obama care that was only a broad out line of what is ending to up to be more layers of bureaucracy than any govt agency could ever conceive of and these have to be paid for my the medical professions own doctors and are being overseen by unaccountable gov contractors for profit and not for direct health care. Main media really doeesn't;t want to talk about issues that their owners don't; want us to know about? Linda Joy Adams

  2. The reason I don't believe this is...Obama is gay.

    Michelle is jealous because she is not pretty like Washington.

    Many of us know the Obama's was a pre-arranged marriage by the Rev. Wright.

    And Washington may be using all of this to promote her TV show.

    1. That's true with the Help of Jesses Jackson. It was on the News where a woman was upset, that her son had an affair with him, and that he was murdered.There has been reports of 2 others also, but there could be more.

    2. These days, the only ones Obama is screwing is US.

  3. I am on SS. I have always has private medical. My insurancce just went up 100. a month. My medicare went up. I pay almost a 100 a month in prescription covserage and that is not including my decuctible and now my taxes went up to pay for Obama care. This is absloute BS. The big party that cost the tax payers a few millions, so he could spout more lies and she could sport her new doo and her shoulders and arms was a joke. I have never seen a first lady rollng her eyes and shoveling food in her mouth as ungracefully as she does. It is truly disgusting. He wants doctors and medical people to work for pennies after spending hunreds of thousands to become doctors. He wants people who are on SS to help pay for people who refuse to work and pay for their medical care. WHy was he elected again? Because of this silly electoral voting. It is time to count ALL VOTEs evey person who voted should have been counted and they should be forced to have a photo ID and prove they are legal citizens. I am sick to this crap .YOu either are legal and have the right or you don't and need to prove it period. I don't give a damn what color your skin is. There are illegals out there of color and white is also in that color. I am so embarassed to be a democrat.

    1. LOL.....How's That Hope And Change Working Out For You NOW??? That's what people get when they Vote for a Party instead of Voting for the Person!!! America Gets the Government it Deserves, Everytime!!!

    2. jkay you can always change parties... Then you won't have a reason to be embarassed.

    3. There are many RINOs who should be embarrassed.

    4. You're still a Democrat after all this? I gave that up when the Democrats shoved Obama to the forefront although Clinton had more delegates. No more Democratic Party for me. I'm not too thrilled with the Republicans, either, but I voted Republican for McCain and Romney for the first time in my life.

    5. There was a time when if you were not a property owning taxpayer, you didn't vote. What was wrong with that? I think that was changed when women were given the right to vote.
      Women are by design, willing to give up a certain amount of freedom for security. It is just the way they are made. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, but in general, they want security. Why else would they marry us and put up with us?

  4. Many voted, many times - even the deceased. We have the union thugs to thank for that.

  5. Holy cow, why do we care about some hollywood chick trying to get more publicity? However, this might just help oleboy's image a bit too since we know she really really is not his type. Can see why he chooses Reggie over Michelle...but I am a girl, so of course I can....little Miss Thang is just playin around....

  6. There are many RINOs who should be embarrassed!

  7. I wonder what Michelle thinks about Barack Hussein Obama's boyfriend/lovers?

    Think I'm kidding? Check out the book written by Larry Sinclair about his homosexual affair with Barack Hussein Obama in the book entitled:
    Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair Cocaine, Sex, Lies and Murder?

  8. she better be careful moslems are allwoed to kill their women


Posted By: Chris Carmouche