Friday, January 11, 2013

Obama Death Squads Killing Gun Activists

(European Union Times) A new Federal Security Forces (FSB) report updating their 4 January "urgent action" memorandum to President Putin circulating in the Kremlin, today, states that the "death squads" unleashed upon America by President Obama have claimed their first two victims and warns that “another massacre” in the United States is "much nearer than first believed."

As we had previously detailed in our 5 January report “Obama Death Squads Fan Out Across America As Rebellion Looms” Obama, emboldened by recent US Federal Court rulings giving him absolute authority to kill anyone he chooses in secret, and for whatever reason he deems necessary, dispatched at least 800 VIPER Teams (Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response Teams) throughout America in a bid to assassinate and neutralize any and all opposition to his planned seizure of his citizens guns.

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  1. when i click on go to the full story i get a error 403 Forbidden to read. Is my email being hacked by Obama's death squads? I must have been a bit too outspoken about my feeling's concerning Obama, Clinton, benghazigate and the election fraud.

    1. Ditto, I got a "forbidden" message also. The government reads your emails and censors anything that exposes Obama for what he really is.

    2. No, it's more than likely a technical issue with the EU Times website. Try copying and pasting the URL below into the address bar of your browser if you continue to have problems:

    3. Paranoia will destroy ya
      Just a lesson for ya

  2. If this is true, and I assume it is, America has entered into unprecedented territory shredding what little is left of the Constitution. I see this as a preemptive strike by Obama in anticipation of a massive and unpredictable resistance to the dictatorial action he is contemplating to negate the second amendent by executive order. I also found it troubling the "full story" link comes up "FORBIDDEN". Waiting for more information.

  3. Thank you President Putin for the warning of what this piece of dung is doing that is coming out of the the White House, and let us All be ready to defend ourselves.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche