Thursday, December 20, 2012

[Video] Piers Morgan Gone Wild

You've heard of Girls Gone Wild... well here's Piers Morgan Gone Wild. Larry Pratt with Gun Owners of America puts pompous, radical gun-grabber Piers Morgan in his place and Morgan comes unglued. Watch the video below.

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  1. Pierce Morgan should be committed. A communist traitor!!

  2. Send this idiot back to England where American guns had to rescue them not once, but twice in the same century.

    1. Pierce Morgan you stupid communist go back to your chicken sheet country and stay there with your Muslim brothers you IDIOT

  3. Pierce who? What a childish twit. Please go back to your oh so proper country. We don't want or need you here.

  4. Has intergrated Schools turned this country into a nation of idiots with corrupt politicans who want to tax us even more. while letting American companies take jobs and resources overseas and ship their shoddy goods back here tax free while wanting to tax us even more. if this were back in the fifties we would be in a civil war. and would all be united in getting rid of all those corrupt politicians in Washington.

  5. Piers Morgan, You have just violated Your work VISA by as a public personality advocated Violation of the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION! I am Contacting ICE to REGISTER A FORMASL COMPLAINT. D.C.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche