Saturday, October 13, 2012

Breaking: Romney Sues Wisconsin As Soldiers Denied Vote And Voter Fraud From Felons Encouraged

Greta Van Susteren reported last night that the Romney campaign is suing the state of Wisconsin over the failure of a number of counties to meet the deadline for getting absentee ballot requests out for active duty service members. Meanwhile, other county officials in Wisconsin appear to be moving heaven and earth to facilitate voter fraud from incarcerated felons. reports: "An internal memo from the Dane County Sheriff’s Office instructed deputies and other staff assigned to the county jail to facilitate the absentee ballot requests of inmates."
"Sent from Lt. Mark Twombly, the memo specifically instructed law enforcement officials to not check on the felony status of inmates and to help everyone vote regardless of their criminal record. In Wisconsin an individual serving jail time for a felony or under parole or supervision for a felony may not cast a ballot."

"During an in-studio radio interview with a Madison talk show host on Monday, Sheriff Dave Mahoney attacked the whistleblower deputy and the conservative Milwaukee talk show host who blogged about an e-mail the deputy sent him. Mahoney called the whistleblower and talk show host “unethical” and said he couldn’t believe one of his officers would release the internal memo. The sheriff suggested that the deputy acted in an unprofessional fashion."

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  1. How much money is being paid to law enforcement officials to allow felons to vote by Obama's Chicago cronies? Illinois borders Wisconsin so corruption easily abounds. Money talks an B.S. walks as usual.

  2. Where is Holder regarding the military not getting their ballots on time? I thought he was the champion of voter rights, or does that just apply to fraudulent voters who would vote Demoacrat?

  3. The sheriff has committed the crime of voter fraud. He should be immediately removed from his job. the Governor needs to steep in and have this man arrested! No excuse for having criminal running the Jail!!!!!

    IMPEACH OBAMA NOW! ! ! ! !


Posted By: Chris Carmouche