Wednesday, April 4, 2012

House Republicans Applaud Move To Bring Back Earmarks

( Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL) is suggesting to House Republicans that the ban on earmarking be lifted so that members of Congress could “grease the wheels” of legislation in an effort to pass bills faster. The ban was put in place shortly after Republicans, backed heavily by Tea Party conservatives calling for more fiscal responsibility in Congress, won the majority in the House during the Fall 2010 midterm elections. The ban is set to automatically expire at the end of this session of Congress at the end of the year.

Rogers says he has a lot of support amongst House Republicans to get the earmark ban lifted, an issue which he brought up at a recent meeting of Republican members of the House. As Rogers  put it, “There was a lot of applause when I made my comments. I had a few freshman boo me, but that’s okay. By and large it was very well embraced.”

And after Rogers called on House Republicans to lift the ban, Speaker John Boehner has said he would form a committee to investigate earmark reform — a move seen as lending support to considering the return of pork barrel spending.

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  1. When will we be able to trust them? We need more teapartiers

  2. I think I'm going to be sick. The GOP is so full of crap they're turning brown and me green.

    Like I tell my fellow conservatives who usually support the Republicans, it's the fault of George W. Bush and the GOP that Obama ever got elected. If they had held conservative fiscal principles in the early years of Dubya's stint when the GOP controlled the White House and all of Congress, we probably wouldn't be in this dire predicament as a nation. But Bush & Co. were anything but conservative and blew their opportunity to get America on a sound financial footing with limited government. I think it's laughable when you hear people talk about Bush as a "conservative." The guy was really a heavy-spending liberal!

    I don't ever want to hear that the GOP is "conservative" again. We've already seen their true colors when they hold all the power. They are every bit as bad as the Democrats. The Tea Party should split off from the GOP and form an independent third party.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche