Monday, March 12, 2012

Obama Decrees Congress Not Relevant

( On 7 March 2012, backed up by Obama sycophant Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey, the Obama Dictatorship’s Defense Secretary Leon Panetta (defense of and for Obama—only) advised the Senate Armed Services Committee that the Obama Administration had no responsibility to even consult Congress in matters of waging war. 

Panetta said, however, as a courtesy they would be informed.  He further stated that the Obama administration would now seek “international permission” (which he said included NATO and the United Nations) for any of Obama’s war adventures overseas.  General Dempsey (apparently looking for a UN job) said that his “authority” for making this determination was to look toward “an international legal basis.” 

As Senator Sessions asked both men questions, never once did either Panetta or Dempsey even mention-in-passing the US Constitution as having any bearing—let alone legal basis—in their decisions at all.  For those leftist doubters, watch the video cited below in its entirety.  As Sen. Sessions said, their comments are truly “breathtaking.”

Since Obama’s inauguration (aka “coronation”), he has been quickly forcing the USA into joblessness, lack, poverty, bondage and submission.  He has already nullified much of our Bill of Rights and US Law in favor of “ObamaLaw.”  Now, the dictator has advised Congress that the 3 co-equal branches of government no longer exist.  In fact, with a stroke of his pen or a commandment issuing forth from his forked-tongue mouth, he is essentially saying:  ‘You—as do the American people—exist only if I say you do‘!  Obama is now saying that Congress is irrelevant.  And if its members don’t like it, he will speak them into non-existence.

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