Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Abortion Doc Throws Patient Records in Dumpster

Want to know the names and private information of women who have had abortions?  Just go dumpster diving in Kansas City.  An abortion doc made it quick and easy.  The following shocking revelation comes from LifeNews.com:

(LifeNews.com) Yesterday it was revealed that disgraced Kansas City abortionist Krishna Rajanna had thrown, into a school recycling bin, abortion patient records with extensive personal-identifying information while those files were still legally required to be retained and protected.

Rajanna was a failed surgical internist who came to do abortions at the Aid for Women Clinic in the inner-city area of Kansas City, Kansas. Following wage disputes with abortionist co-owners Malcolm Knarr and Sherman Zaremski, Rajanna opened his own “Affordable Abortions” competing clinic 3 blocks away from Aid for Women.

In 2003, after former governor Kathleen Sebelius vetoed a bill to regulate abortion facilities, one of Rajanna’s staff secretly took photos of the clinic’s outrageous sanitation and safety violations. Open drug syringes and fetal parts were stored in the staff lunch refrigerator. Patients records were in open boxes on the floor in the kitchen. Two police officers who were called to the clinic for a robbery report, refused to sit in the roach-infested clinic.

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