Monday, February 13, 2012

Clenched Fist Symbolizes Left's Love Of Coercion

Since the Bolshevik Revolution, the clenched fist has been the left’s most visible symbol. In the ‘60s, it adorned posters and buttons and was adopted as a symbol of revolution by SDS, the black power movement, feminists and other Trotsky wannabes here and abroad. Now, it’s been resurrected by some in Occupy Wall Street. The symbolism couldn’t be more fitting. Fists are for smashing (institutions and traditions), bashing (heads) and pounding (square pegs into round holes).

Whether it’s called Marxism, socialism, liberalism or the Obama administration, the left is about compulsion – forcing individuals to surrender cherished beliefs, compelling acceptance of the lifestyle choices of others, reshaping our national identity and pulverizing constitutional protections.

If the left was a corporation (actually, it’s more of a criminal conspiracy), its motto would be: “Coercion is our most important product!” Take last week’s headlines: Obama offers a contraceptive “compromise” that still assaults religious freedom, and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals abolishes marriage, for all intent and purposes.

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  1. Perhaps it is more believable if you would use actual sources to your fantasies instead of merely making it up cold.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche