Sunday, January 8, 2012

Will Republicans Commit Romney-cide?

GrassTopsUSA Exclusive Commentary
By Don Feder

         Since 1976, every time the GOP has run a RINO for president, the party has suffered an ignominious defeat – against a peanut farmer in ’76, a serial lecher in ’92 and a Marxist in 2008.

         But Mitt Romney isn’t taking any chances. Should he secure the nomination, his primary campaign will ensure his defeat in November – 9% unemployment, a national debt hurtling toward the abyss, socialism and surrender notwithstanding.

         Last week, Romney was beaming over what he called his “historic victory” in the Iowa caucuses. Out of 60,000 votes cast for Romney and former Senator Rick Santorum, Romney beat the Pennsylvanian (who didn’t even register on the Richter scale last year) by a whopping 8 votes, or .00001 percent. Mitt was actually down 6 votes from his 2008 total (30,021 to 30,015), despite a record turnout this year.

        The victory was even more stupendous in light of the fact that Romney – who’s been campaigning in the Hawkeye state for 5 years – spent $133.30 for each of his votes, compared to the $13.33 Santorum spent per vote.

         In New Hampshire, Mitt’s most impressive move was trotting out Geritol John McCain to endorse him, and to tell the rest of the Republican field to step aside and let the coronation of Willard Mitt Romney proceed. It’s hard to say which was goofier, McCain’s crotchety performance or Romney’s conviction that he’d be helped by the endorsement of a man who called him a liar in 2008, and went on to lose to the most unqualified presidential candidate in history.

         Democrat websites had a blast digging up McCain quotes from four years ago: “Mitt Romney’s flip-flops are Masterpieces.” The Massachusetts governor is “very consistent – totally consistent – because he’s had two positions at least on every issue.” They’re also having fun with a new video comparing Romney to the Ken doll: “Both have no known set political views. Both are able to move left and right with equal ease. Both aren’t known for their conversational skill.”

         Mitt continues to wow ‘em in the Granite state and nationwide. On January 5, The Boston Herald reported: “During a lackluster performance in front of an uninspired crowd at Manchester Central High School yesterday, Romney was overshadowed by Sen. John McCain.” Overshadowed by John McCain? Cool!

         In a Wall Street Journal commentary titled “Mr. Good Enough,” Kimberley Strassel observes: “Voters aren’t convinced by Mitt Romney. They’re not certain of his convictions; they wonder if he is the leader for these times; they’re not sold on his policies or personality…. Mr. Romney is hardly an easy fit with the GOP base — from his past flip-flops on issues like abortion, to his weak tax proposals, to his concoction and defense of RomneyCare, the Massachusetts health plan that was a model for ObamaCare.”

         Strassel continued, “The threat of President Obama and his determination to create an entitlement state, combined with the dismal economy, have voters eager for a bold conservative leader.” That would be a leader who’s not “lackluster,” “uninspired” and “overshadowed” by a loser like John McCain.
         Since 2008, Romney’s strategy has changed — unlike his haircut.

         In ‘08, Romney decided that his ticket to the nomination was to pander furiously to conservatives. That didn’t work, in part because his rhetoric was massively refuted by his record, which he could run but couldn’t hide from. Romney's miraculous conversion on abortion was matched by equally implausible 180-degree turns on marriage, the homosexual agenda, taxes, amnesty, global warming, the rights of gun owners and judicial nominations.

         Having failed as a conservative four years ago – and with a hungry pack of authentic conservatives nipping at his heels – Romney decided to change course. Gone are the grand gestures of the last campaign – the red meat tossed to red staters.

         Instead, Mitt has decided to campaign on something called “electability.” He ran Bain Capital. He saved the 2002 Winter Olympics. He was elected to one term as the governor of an Eastern, liberal state, and proceeded to rack up an undistinguished record – except for socialized medicine and helping to make Massachusetts the first state with gay marriage.

         The New Mitt Romney – or is that the New, New Mitt Romney — has managed to regularly aggravate, annoy and otherwise provoke conservatives:

•  In a field of eight, he was one of only three Republicans running for the nomination who refused to sign the pro-life pledge of the Susan B. Anthony List, his mythical conversion notwithstanding. (What would you expect from the guy who put $50-co-pays for abortion in his health-care plan?) At its heart, the pledge asked a candidate to commit to nominating pro-life judges and members of his cabinet. A campaign spokesman squeaked that “this well-intentioned effort has some potentially unforeseen consequences” – like putting the signer on record promising to appoint pro-life judges and members of his administration? As governor of Massachusetts, most of Mitt’s judicial appointments were Democrats and independents – not exactly Antonin Scalia-types, one suspects.
•  Willard Mitt did an about-face on gays in the military. In a December interview with the Des Moines Register, Romney (candor is his middle name) said he now has no problem with those whose lifestyles are dangerous, diseased and disgusting serving openly in the armed forces. He explained that his earlier opposition to the measure was because he didn’t like making the change “in a time of war.” But now that the fighting is winding down in Iraq and Afghanistan, this was no longer a concern. I’m surprised he didn’t trot out his legendary Harvard stem-cell researcher to explain this conversion – or maybe George S. Patton came to him in a dream, slapped his face, and told him to get with the mainstream media’s gay agenda.
•  Interviewed on The O’Reilly Factor, also in December — and following the establishment Republican don’t-say-mean-things-about-our-first-black-president guidelines — Romney couldn’t bring himself to call Mr. Class Warfare a socialist. After constant prodding by the host, the ex-governor finally screwed up his courage to admit: “I prefer to use the term that he’s just over his head. (Give ‘em hell Mitty) I consider him a big government liberal Democrat.” Listen, Obama’s wife, daughters and dog think he’s a socialist, and are damned proud of it. So, what do you call someone who’s increased the national debt by 40% in less than three years, socialized whole industries, moved to nationalize health care, and declared war on wealth? Not a socialist, if you’re Mitt Romney.
•  After his landslide victory in Iowa, Mitt issued a call to arms: “President Obama is a nice guy. He just doesn’t understand how to run the economy.” It could go down in the annals of memorable campaign slogans. Along with: “54-40 or fight,” “Blaine, Blaine, James G. Blaine, The Continental Liar from the State of Maine,” “Patriotism, Protection and Prosperity,” “In your heart you know he’s right,” and “It’s morning in America,” – we now have “Nice guy/just doesn’t understand how to run the economy.”
•  When it comes to the economy and stimulus spending, Obama isn’t the only one who’s clueless. Romney supported TARP, the $700-billion if-it-moves-bail-it-out program. In 2010, the businessman who would be president told FOX’s Neil Cavuto that if President Bush hadn’t pushed Big Bailout, “We were going to be in free fall that would cause the collapse of not just Wall Street, but banks all over the country, killing not only a few jobs, but all the jobs in the country.” Perfectly logical, if you’re Obama (who voted for the monstrosity) or Willard Mitt. 

         Romney has ignored establishment Republican wisdom regarding when to betray conservatives in presidential campaigns: Kiss them before the nominating convention and screw them afterward. Otherwise, he’s following the playbook.

         When Bush 41 ran for reelection in 1992, after the nominating convention, campaign spokesmen sneered about conservatives: “They don’t have any place else to go.” In November, many went nowhere – including to the polls.

         This year, Team Romney is counting on our fear and loathing of Obama to get us behind Mitt. To an extent, they may be right. But it will be support reminiscent of Manchester Union Leader publisher William Loeb’s advice to the right in 1972, when he told conservatives to “Hold your nose and vote for Nixon.”
         That worked 40 years ago, when Nixon was the incumbent and half of his own party loathed McGovern. This year, Obama has the home court advantage. He'll unleash a horde of union goons, public employees, Occupy Wall Street storm troopers, his own crony capitalists, tree-huggers, foaming-at-the-mouth feminists, and the class-envy crowd. And he’ll be campaigning from the Treasury, thanks to compliant Republicans in Congress.

         To win, the Republican candidate will have to light a wildfire at the grassroots. He’ll have to inspire a patriot army to make any sacrifice and endure any hardship to make him president. He’ll have to mobilize doorbell-ringers, callers and sign-wavers – not to mention donors large and small. It’s hard to be mobilized when you’re holding your nose and hopping from foot to foot to avoid being burned by your candidate’s record.

         I can see it now, we’ll all go into battle behind banners proclaiming: “Mitt didn’t mean anything he said when he ran against Ted Kennedy,” “RomneyCare really isn’t ObamaCare – honest, you gotta believe me,” “Obama’s a nice guy who just doesn't understand how to run the economy,” “Obama: he’s just over his head,” and “Mitt Romney – he’s good enough!”

         I believe I’ve hit on Romney’s secret strategy – He’s going to spend the next 10 months putting the country to sleep, while his campaign secretly distributes NoDoz to loyal supporters. Call it Mitt’s Morpheus Maneuver.


  1. First it was kool-aid, and, now WE get NoDoz. It's just not looking good, is it? I refuse to EVER hold my nose again. There's still the write in box, and, I am not afraid to use it.

    Great article!!!!!!!

  2. So did George H. W. Bush become a RINO in office? He won in 1988. You seemed to forget that! It seem to me that Romney has a solid conservative agenda. It just not so provocative as to scare indepenents.

    It doesn't seem likely that Obama will take any states that McCain won in 2008. So all we have to win is Ohio, Indiana, Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida and Obama is out. The only states that Obama has a chance in is Ohio and Florida. And, if the new conservative governors haven spoiled our chances will will take them too! The Obama people are at least as disappointed as our right wing is. So quit being a whinner and support Mitt.

  3. Well, fortunately we have a candidate who is not backed by the Republican Establishment but one that will obliterate Obama who contrary to what the Media says is a very weak candidate.

    If you do not believe the above statement go to the Rassmussen polls to verify it and you will find that on the average only ~20% of likely voters think that he is great while ~40% think he is lousy.

    That candidate is Santorum which is going up in the polls like a rocket, not to fall as the others that preceded him as voters are ready finally to settle down.

  4. Really Anonymous, Santorum? This guys wife had an abortion, that is NOT the stuff that great conservative leaders are made of.

  5. I think that Santorum is going to have a hard time winning because of the crowed field of conservative and the libertarian Ron Paul. Also, he lacks the organization to win. I do like the idea of Santorum for Romney's running mate!

    I'd also like to point out some errors in Mr. Feder's article. Romney didn't appoint any judges as governor...they have an independent (very liberal) panel that does that. As I understand it the Democrat Mass assembly but a lot of stuff in the health plan that Romney line item vetoed but was over ridden on. I think the key issue with Romney as president is that we get more conservatives in the Senate and House. They will keep Romney in line.

    If Santorum or Newt can get the nomination I'll gladly support them. But, we should be opposed to Romney. What we need to do is to guide him to do what we want. He has the one trait we need. He can sign his name. Get a conservative Congress!

  6. 3rd Party Candidate ....Obama The Dragon Wins

  7. Yes this is a well stated review of MItt Romney and his plasticity. I for one will stay away from the polls if Romney is the candidate. He is about as presidential as an organ monkey.

  8. Dale...Aren't you at least going to vote of senate and house races? What about your state and local government? Romney is a lot better than Obama. The one thing he is good at is budgets and that is our big problem. Not voting is the act of a loser!

  9. I'm not sure about Santorum, but Gingrich is a longstanding member of the globalist group, Council on Foreign Relations...not good!

  10. I am a conservative Republican. If Mitt wins the nomination, I will not vote this election. Mitt is Obama lite. Mitt is no conservative. I suspect many conservatives will not vote either. After Obama trounces Mitt, maybe the establishment Republican elitists will wake up and realize they need to energize the conservative base to win elections. This is a conservative country, and the sooner the elitists Republicans grasps this the better it will be for the party. If not, say goodbye to the Republican party for a long time. This is time for bold conservative leadership. The country is waiting for it, and if the Republican establishment doesn't get it, they will be relegated to ash heap of history. I am truly sad for this country, and the Republican party.

  11. Sometimes all you have to vote for is the lesser of two evils. Not to vote is a greater evil.

  12. Dole, McCain, Romney? All in the same peapod!
    It was really a joke to have McCain endorse Romney--I voted for Sarah Palin in 2008, not McCain, as I am sure many others did.

  13. Too many Republicans are still "Wallowing in the Majority Pig Sty" from 2008, and they do not want to face the reality that Obama and his ACORN teams have been setting up for his re-election since he was first elected! And, the muck is getting thicker.

  14. The fact that John McCain, the so-called "most electable Republican candidate" in 2008 endorsed Romney says all that I need to know.

    And now we have Romney being touted as (what else?) the "most electable Republican candidate" in 2012. This says all I need to know about the Establishment that runs the Republican party.

    The one time in my lifetime that the Republicans ran a non-establishment candidate, he massacred Jimmy Carter. Then four years later, he completed the job by wiping up the mess with his former assistant, Walter Mondale. THESE are the ideals that the Republican party candidates should be reaching for; instead, they mostly want to be seen as "the Moderate" Republican.

    How is a candidate going to win as the challenger when he cannot even excite the base of his own party?

    And when is the Republican party going to stop their infatuation with nominating a candidate for President just because he's "next in line"? We all saw how that worked with McCain and Dole; now we should put an end to that strategy forever, because it doesn't turn out well. It's a good thing that strategy didn't work in 1980, because then we would never have had Ronald Reagan as President.

  15. I am so sick and tired of being sick tired of this whole process and no matter who gets in they have to undo the damage that Obama is doing to all of our freedoms and that is a fact.

  16. Mitt Romney is a wishy-washy, flip-flopping, Massachusetts moderate. He wins the primary, we lose the White House!!~

  17. I don't think the issue is the Republican candidiate...It is Obama and the bad economy. People will vote against Obama unless people are afraid of the alternative. Romney doesn't scare anyone.

  18. I can't believe anybody would criticize a find Republican heterosexual like Mitt Romney or any of the Republican candidates who aren't Ron Paul! Romney's went hunting two times, he's got the hair of a talk show host and the body of a figure skater - tight little ass - not to mention he isn't Ron Paul. Of course Romney's no Reagan. Romney and everybody else in the world are all total idiots compared to Reagan who had perfect teeth and saved us from the Satanic communists when he told em to tear down that wall! This made America great again. At least Romney worked hard as a child from a young age counting all of his multimillionaire father's money so he knows what it's like to be a hard workin American. Let's just applaud anything Romney says and make him feel welcome in our fancy mansion of leadership up on that hill - Remember - My country tis of thee dammit.

    1. You right about that - We got the best country in the world goin here and no homo Democrap's gonna take it away and turn it into some kind of flesh farm of dancing transvetites. Save it NOW! - this is America!! This isn't Portugal!

  19. I can't believe anybody would criticize a fine Republican heterosexual like Mitt Romney or any Republican who isn't Ron Paul! Romney's went hunting two times, he's got the hair of a talk show host and the body of a figure skater - tight little ass - not to mention he isn't Ron Paul. Of course Romney's no Reagan. They're all a bunch of idiots compared to Reagan who had perfect teeth and saved us from the glow-eyed Satanic communists when he told em to tear down that wall! This made America great again. At least Romney worked hard as a child from a young age counting all of his multimillionaire father's money so he knows what it's like to be a hard workin American. Let's just applaud anything Romney says and make him feel welcome in our fancy mansion of leadership up on that hill - Remember - OUR COUNTRY TIS OF THEE DAMMIT!

    1. Listen Anonymous - or Dirtbag which is what I'm gonna call you - I can't believe you would criticize anyone who would criticize a horse-loving fish-spined worm like Romney - The man has no ass at all and he never has been seen in public wearin a tank top. I don't even know if he is a man. Your country ain't my country, Dirtbag - go back to Hawaii you coconut lovin douch-bag!

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