Monday, January 30, 2012

Michelle Obama's Lavish Lingerie Spree

When rumors surfaced recently that Michelle Obama was having a secret affair, little did we know that she was also spending gobs of money ($50,000.00 according to the British Press) on lavish lingerie. Of course, the two occurences are probably unrelated but interesting nonetheless. The following report from the folks at Canada Free Press is enough to lead one to think that her shopping habits would make Marie Antoinette and Imelda Marcos blush.

First Lady Michelle Obama has her unwanted nose in the plates of American children. The British press has its nose in her lavish lingerie. Only satin and lace bloomers and such are good enough for Barry’s wife—$50,000 of it in just one shopping spree!

It wouldn’t make much difference to loving parents that unschooled nutritionist Michelle gets to dictate what their little ones eat just because she wears satin bras from an overseas shop called ironically enough, Agent Provocateur.

“The First Lady—better known for shopping at more modestly-priced High Street stores—along with the Queen of Qatar, Sheikha Mozah, closed off part of Madison Avenue to spend time in the luxury lingerie shop. Their purchases contributed to a market-spanking 12.5pc lift in sales.” (The Telegraph, Jan. 29, 2012).

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Posted By: Chris Carmouche