Sunday, December 18, 2011

Is The Salvation Army Moderating Its Stance On Abortion?

A number of prominent pro-life leaders say yes and are taking issue with the organization's recently published International Position Statement on abortion. 

Admittedly, while The Salvation Army continues to affirm that "all people are created in the image of God and therefore have unique and intrinsic value" and that "human life is sacred," a number of pro-life leaders are concerned over statements in the document that appear to contradict that basic assertion and concede that abortion may be justified in cases of rape and incest and when carrying a fetus to term seriously threatens the life of the mother or diagnotic procedures identify an abonormailty that indicates the post-natal survival of the child is in doubt.

Specifically, section 2 of the International Position Statement explicitly states:

"The Salvation Army believes that termination can occur only when:

"Carrying the pregnancy further seriously threatens the life of the mother; or
Reliable diagnostic procedures have identified a foetal abnormality considered incompatible with survival for more than a very brief post natal period."

"In addition, rape and incest are brutal acts of dominance violating women physically and emotionally. This situation represents a special case for the consideration of termination as the violation may be compounded by the continuation of the pregnancy."


According to a report from WorldNetDaily, Rebecca Kiessling, a pro-life leader who was conceived during the rape of her mother, called the recent International Position Statement "one of the most disheartening things I’ve seen."

Other pro-life leaders are expressing concern as well.  Stephen Phelan of Human Life International says the International Position Statement "is seriously problematic."

Alveda King, with Priests for Life, adds: "Good organizations become 'infiltrated' by forces that promote abortion, the breakdown of marriage, sexual immorality, etc. They come as wolves in sheep's clothing and appear to be harmless and even helpful. Then they begin to reveal their true or basically untrue colors. This is sadly maybe what is happening to the Salvation Army. Not for sure, but maybe."

And Wendy Wright says: "This policy treats the most shunned and broken of unborn babies, the hard cases, and shuts them outside humanity's house. Simply put, it violates God’s commandment that 'thou shalt not murder."

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  1. I can understand where the Salvation Army is coming from. But if they forsake "the least of my brethern", they have probably seen the last of my contributions. When you think about it, "Thou shall not kill" is not open to interpretation.

  2. So now the Salvation Army feels they are capable of deciding who should live and who shouldn't. That is the same mindset all abortionists have.

    Folks, we are not to make that decision. God has already made it. "Thou shalt not kill"

    Jim Nichols

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  4. Looks like the SA has joined the rest, including "main stream churches" in winking at the butchers who provide selective services to promote murder in the womb.

    You have seen the last of my donations....they may not have been much, but I'm sure once the news gets out....others will do likewise.

  5. The Salvation Army has long been the standard by which I judged other organizations before contributing. If this is indeed true, then I could no longer support their work. I pray it is a mistake!

  6. I grew up as an MK (Missionaries Kid)in India. My parents were Officers in The Salvation Army. My father was physician, and my mother a nurse. They worked in a Salvation Army hospital, working to save lives. I sure hope there is a mistake or misunderstanding somewhere along the way. I was taught that all life is precious, and everything possible to save the life of mother and unborn child was taken. If this is true, The Salvation Army will lose support and respect from many!

  7. Dr. Ronald E. WilliamsDecember 19, 2011 at 12:08 PM

    I am a Pastor with a 35 year backbround serving the Lord. Though I am not a member of the Salvation Army, I hold them in the highest regard. Having been a supporter of their work for over 50 years. I appeal to them to re-think their decision, and plead with them not to start down this slippery slope.

  8. While the decision as to if a child should live should be Gods alone, many "Christians" have long held that abortion may be justified in cases of rape and incest and when carrying a fetus to term seriously threatens the life of the mother or diagnotic procedures identify an abonormailty that indicates the post-natal survival of the child is in doubt without being "pro abortion". I think the Salvation Army should avoid agreement with this life or death philosophy and adhere to their original mission statement. I will continue to support the Salvation Army, to abandon them will lead to hardships on needy families in our country at a time when there is limited help available.

  9. Satan is patient and clever. The Salvation Army as whole is a great organization. They get far more done with less money and far smaller salaries to any of their leadership than any other organization. Compare theirs with the Red Cross for starters.
    As much as my life was changed my a series of Salvation Army officers this decision is beyond poor.

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  11. I don't understand why the Salvation Army has to have any position at all on abortion. They don't conduct abortions and it has nothing to do with them picking up donations or collecting money by standing out in front of buildings and ringing bells. It's stupid that they're being asked about abortion - there's no connection between this highly-controversial subject and what they do.

    Second, pregnancies due to rape and incest - vehicles of Satan - should always be terminated without question. I don't believe for a second that God includes rape/incest in His methods of creation. Besides, when Dinah was raped in Genesis 34 by Schechem two of her brothers went to the town where she was defiled and slaughtered all the men in the village. God didn't punish them and apparently was OK with it. I see similarities between their actions in Genesis 34 and aborting a fetus that was conceived by horrible Satanic crimes like rape,incest. The baby should be terminated and the poor woman should not have to bear such a horrible burden.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche