Thursday, December 22, 2011

Eric Holder Implicated In Murder Cover-Up

"[T]he Justice Department hid and destroyed evidence that would have exposed my brother's murders, and we believe that Mr. Holder was directly involved in those acts of obstruction of justice."

It's not a new accusation.  As a matter of fact, Attorney Jesse Trentadue made the above accusation back in December of 2008 in a letter to Senator Patrick Leahy, the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, after Holder was nominated to fill the post of Attorney General of the United States; and Trentadue has been making the accusation for over a decade, to anyone who will listen.  Unfortunately, almost 20 years later, few are listening.

The sordid tale goes back to April of 1995, shortly after the infamous Oklahoma City Bombing.  Shortly after the bombing, FBI officials took Trentadue's brother, Kenneth (Kenny) Michael Trentadue into custody and on August 21, 1995, Kenny Trentadue died.  An official government report stated that Trentadue had hanged himself in his prison cell but multiple bruises on his body and lacerations on his face and throat, coupled with an initial request by the government to cremate the body (apparently a highly irregular request), led the Trentadue family to seriously doubt the government report. 

Of course, it should be stated that Kenny Trentadue was no angel.  He had a felony record for bank robbery, a heroin addiction,  and was allegedly picked up on a parole violation.  Still, there is no conclusive evidence that would indicate why the FBI took Trentadue into custody in connection with the Oklahoma City Bombing.

Jesse Trentadue believes that FBI agents mistook Kenny Trentadue for Tim McVeigh’s alleged accomplice, Richard Lee Guthrie, and simply went too far in their interrogations in an effort to get him to talk.  The contention seems plausible since it has also been reported that Timothy McVeigh, upon being shown a photograph of Trentadue, said: "Now I know why Trentadue was killed, because they thought he was Richard Guthrie."

Incidentally, approximately a year after Trentadue's death, Guthrie would also be found dead in his prison cell, the day before he was scheduled to give a television interview. Gutherie's death would also be ruled a suicide by hanging.  And in 1999, Alden Gillis Baker, one of Trentadue's fellow inmates, claimed that he had actually witnessed Trentadue's murder. In August of 2000, Baker also died.  His death was also ruled to be a suicide by hanging.

Coincidence? While it would be pure speculation to attribute Guthrie and Baker's deaths to a sinister plot; there's a great deal more than pure speculation to the contention that Trentadue's death was a suicide. 

Paul Craig Roberts, a former Treasury Department official in the Reagan administration, wrote: "When the Trentadue family received Kenneth’s body and heavy makeup was scraped away, the evidence clearly shows a person who had been tortured and beaten. His throat was slashed and he may have been garroted. There are bruises, burns and cuts from the soles of Trentadue’s feet to his head, wounds that obviously were not self-inflicted."

And according to an article published by the far-left Mother Jones: "Even Oklahoma City's chief medical examiner [Dr. Fred Jones] would later say, publicly, that it was 'very likely he was murdered.'" Jones wasn't the only expert who doubted the government.  It was also reported that Bill Gormley, of the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, suspected that Trentadue was murdered.

Jesse Trentadue, a practicing attorney in Salt Lake City and the brother of the deceased, filed a wrongful death suit and the courts eventually awarded the Trentadue family $1.1 million in damages.  While Trentadue was not able to prove that the FBI did indeed play a role in his Kenny Trentadue's death, the court did find evidence of stonewalling and a massive cover-up. 

According to "A federal judge later ruled the FBI had lied in court about the case and destroyed evidence." That finding lead to the awarding of 1.1 million dollars in damages to the Trentadue family for emotional distress.

But the Trentadue family is still not satisfied and in 2008 (allegedly using the proceeds from the settlement) offered a $250,000 reward for information leading to the identification and conviction of Kenny Trentadue's murderers, but the stonewalling continues.

The website reports that after Jesse Trentadue's December 2008 letter to Senator Leahy: "The Department of Justice, where Holder served as deputy attorney general under President Bill Clinton, referred a request for comment to the Presidential Transition Team (PTT). A statement issued by an Obama transition aide denied Trentadue's allegations. 'Multiple independent investigations have found that Kenneth Trentadue's death was a suicide,' the statement said. 'There is simply no evidence to support the claims in this letter.'"

And apparently, the matter was simply dropped.  It apparently wasn't the first time.  Jesse Trentadue also brought the matter to the attention of Senator Orrin Hatch back in 1997, when Hatch was Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.  At that time, Trentadue claims that Hatch promised to conduct hearings on the matter but never followed through.  And we do know that Hatch was aware of the matter because he referenced it on Oct. 10, 1997 on Fox News and stated "There's a lot wrong with this case."  Again, nothing happenned.

As far as the claim that Holder is knee-deep in this scandal, we only have Trentadue's allegations. In the letter to Leahy, Jesse Trentadue states:

"To this day, however, despite the efforts of my family, numerous journalists, and Congress, the Justice Department has been able to hide this terrible story — and its culpability in the death of my brother Kenneth. More importantly, then Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder was assigned to be the point man in blocking my family’s efforts to bring my brother Kenneth Trentadue’s murderers to justice. Now, President-elect Barack Obama has nominated Eric Holder to be the new Attorney General."

"The paper trail on Mr. Holder’s actions is scant. However, e-mails and handwritten notes by those working under Mr. Holder in the Justice Department have surfaced. These documents paint a clear picture of a wide-ranging and cynical scheme, run directly by Mr. Holder, to quash my family’s efforts to have my brother’s murder investigated, and to deflect congressional oversight and media attention from the shocking circumstances of his death.

"According to these documents, a significant part of this plan involved Mr. Holder convincing Congress not to inquire into my brother’s murder. The plan called for Mr. Holder to meet with Senator Hatch on October 9, 1997, just prior to the Justice Department’s issuance of a Press Release announcing that the federal grand jury supposedly 'investigating' my brother’s murder had failed to charge anyone with this crime.

"The stated purpose of this meeting between Mr. Holder and Senator Hatch was to defuse Judiciary Committee oversight and media inquiry into the circumstances of my brother’s death. In fact, one e-mail states that 'we ain’t looking for press on this. Hill takes priority.'”

While it would be premature to come to any conclusions at this point, Trentadue's accusations certainly fall well within the scope of things that need to be investigated.  There are simply too many unanswered questions.  What was the actual cause of Kenny Trentadue's death?  What did Eric Holder know? When did he know it?  And what steps did he (and others) possibly take to cover-up the matter?

It goes without saying that Richard Nixon resigned in disgrace rather than face impeachment... not over his role in what G. Gordon Liddy famously called "a third-rate burglary" but over his role in covering up the Watergate break-in.  Holder and officials at our Justice Department must be held to the same standard.


  1. President Richard Nixon and his administration were boy-scouts compared to the disgusting criminals at large in this soros/obama crop of crap.

  2. This cover up is just one of many things that are probably being covered up. I would not be surprised if the Democrats and the Republicans are being threaten by the thugs that operate for the big wigs to vote as they are told to do or else. Also, it would not surprise me that in 2012, Obama becomes President again by the dishonesty that helped him to become President the first time. It was corrupted then and will be the same this time unless action is taken before election time. Obama certainly doesn't seem to be to worried.

  3. Holder is scum--plain and simple. One has to wonder what he has on Obama that Obama still keeps him on in spite of all his questionable activities and obvious lies. If it were anyone else, Obama would have thrown him under his bloody bus months ago.

    I just hope the spineless GOP uses Holder as a weapon of mass destruction to defeat the next most corrupt individual in DC. But they won't. Get ready for foru more years of Obozo and watch the ultimite demise and collapse of the United States

  4. The only hope for the U.S. if the Obama regime is reelected in 2012 is if Congress totally falls to the GOP. Otherwise, this country is finished and will decline further.

  5. Two points: First, re GOP getting majorities in Congress in 2012: Obama's crooked unions and ACORN (under new aliases) and Soros groups will again be involved in stealing elections nationwide, which will add several percentage points to the Democrat tallies in almost ever election. And, as Lenin said, it doesn't matter who votes; what matters is who COUNTS the votes.

    Second point: Unless the House and Senate fall to the GOP in 2012, the nation is finished, but it won't just decline further-- it will become a total socialist/communist dictatorship under control of the UN & Soros. Even if the GOP wins both houses, the same result will happen unless the House and Senate GOP majorities are big enough to bring impeachment and conviction of Obama. Further, more than the minimum majorities will be needed, because you can't count on the RINOs to support impeachment--nor can you even count on the GOP leadership to stand up and not sell out. Remember the impeachment of Clinton? The Chief Investigative Counsel for the Clinton Impeachment, David P. Schippers, gave the inside story of that impeachment in his book. From the jacket notes of his book: "What I saw, as Chief Counsel for the House Judiciary Committee and therefore the man in charge of compiling the case against the President, was not a pretty sight. Lies, cowardice, hypocrisy, cynicism, butt-covering, amorality --these all combined to make a mockery of the impeachment process.... When the time came to name this book, one word came immediately to mind: "Sellout." The Republican leadership in the Senate and House sold out the House Managers and our investigation. Democrats in both Houses sold out basic principles of law and decency for the sake of protecting one of their own...."

  6. Holder will survive as long as his boss (BHO) does. This Nation has too many good and honest
    people in and outside D.C. to allow the fall of
    our Nation. The GOP does not have anyone who can
    win over the current regime. It's all about who
    can stand up to the Chicago Machine and Soros. I
    believe that Donalf Trump may be the only person
    who has the intelect and power to win as an
    Independent and rid this Ship of State of the
    rats who've poisoned our beloved country. There
    is simply no reason for all of the Czars who are
    part of the ruination of this nation. Congress
    has to realize that they really do have equal
    powers in governing and I believe the renewal of
    our great nation lies in their hands.

  7. I don't understand the acceptance of the "fall of our Nation" -- as noted in many of these posts... --- are we not "we the people" and are they not "public servants"??? Let's talk about taking them on - and fight - ...Participate not watch and post!! Get off your azz ,,,,organize...confront these slezzes --K>I>S>S !!!!!!! Chk out..Judical Watch, Alipac, NumbersUSA---Fight for Gods sake and stop neg. stuff...Post us who you are calling (reps. senate, Pres, etc)) Let's do it!!

  8. Yes, but they have all of the money. and all of the guns.

  9. Ha! They do not have ALL the guns. The last estimate I heard put the number of firearms owners (private citizens) at around 90 million.
    "They" may have all the money, but WE THE PEOPLE have the motivation, and paper money will not stop bullets.
    Semper Fi.

  10. This administration is getting ready to invoke Marshall Law because they feel the tide is turning and know the American Public is sick and tired of all the corruption, a rebellion or war against the government to take back our country is what is needed, and the Obama Administration and his co-horts know they have just about broken the proverbial (American People's) Camel's back.

  11. Join the Democratic Party. Get inside their house. Volunteer to do their calling and recruiting, but do nothing. Get on their committees, hear the strategies, work with people you know on local GOP riding associations to frustrate all their legal and illegal organizing and vote stuffing activities.


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