Thursday, April 24, 2014

Rand Paul Abandons Pro-Life Position

Question: How do you know a Republican is running for President of the United States? Answer: He starts moving rapidly to the left.

If Rand Paul's recent squishiness on the pro-life issue were the only recent example of movement to the left, we'd chalk it up as a mistake, but sadly, he's made far too many "mistakes" in recent months.

Gary Bauer makes some excellent points in his End of Day Report (reprinted below). The only thing we should add is that most recent polls show that more Americans are pro-life than pro-choice.

That being the case, Paul's statement that most Americans are "in the middle" is not only ridiculous, it also shows a willingness to change a core position to suit the Washington establishment, even when the establishment position is not held by the majority of Americans.

(End Of Day Report) Kentucky Senator Rand Paul was interviewed this week by David Axelrod at the University of Chicago's Institute of Politics. During the course of the hour-long interview, Axelrod prodded Paul on the sanctity of life. While Paul accurately described the problem with America's current legal regime, which permits abortion-on-demand, when asked what he would do as president, he said this:

"My religious and personal belief is that life begins at the very beginning... I think that persuasion is part of this. I think the country is somewhere in the middle and we're not changing any of the laws until the country is persuaded otherwise."

Notice that Paul answered the question purely in terms of political strategy. He did not spend one second trying to persuade his audience (the very thing he says must be done first) that women are exploited by abortion and babies are deprived of their God-given right to life.

What Paul is doing on values issues is the same thing that many in the Washington establishment do -- he is treating the sanctity of life like a problem to be managed rather than a cause worth fighting for.

Sadly, this is not the first time Paul has done this. When asked about efforts to redefine marriage last month, Paul said that conservatives will have to "agree to disagree on social issues" and that some voters don't want to be "festooned by those issues."

To his credit, Paul will fight for his libertarian agenda of smaller government and less spending. But his position on values amounts to a slow-motion surrender.

It takes a lot less persuasion to defend the humanity of an unborn baby than it does to defend tax cuts for billionaires or to argue that your mother's Social Security check is too big. On life and marriage, the public is at worst evenly divided.

Paul is willing to fight for some dubious things -- massive cuts in defense spending, for example, and retreat in the war on drugs. But on life and marriage he continues to waiver.

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  1. People, PLEASE, PLEASE look online at, and, constitutional emergency. Of course, YOU WILL NOT HEAR ABOUT THIS IN THE MSM. PLEASE RESEARCH AND PASS THIS INFORMATION ON. THANK YOU, and sorry for shouting. Operation American Spring - May 16, 2014. God help us.

  2. Rand Paul is the no different that a Democrat before they became radical Communists. He is anti Bible in voting and a liberal RINO at best.


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