Thursday, May 9, 2013

Here Are The 22 GOP Senators Who Just Voted To Raise Your Taxes

Most actually signed a pledge that they would not raise taxes. Obviously those pledges mean little when they believe you aren't looking. Here are the names of the 22 Republican Senators who just voted in favor of taxes on the Internet... be sure to share with your friends.

Jeff Sessions [AL], Richard Shelby [AL], John McCain [AZ], John Boozman [AR], Saxby Chambliss [GA], Johnny Isakson [GA], Dan Coats [IN], Susan Collins [ME], Thad Cochran [MI], Roger Wicker [MI], Roy Blunt [MO], Deb Fischer [NE], and Mike Johanns [NE], Richard Burr [NC], John Hoeven [ND], Rob Portman [OH], Lindsey Graham [SC], John Thune [SD], Lamar Alexander [TN], Bob Corker [TN] and Mike Enzi [WY]

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